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Aruba Timeshare Available

Located in Paradise Beach Village, in Aruba.
    On Eagle Beach (Aruba's best beach)
1 bedroom condo on 3rd floor(top floor), Sleeps 4.
    Elevator access, and has Balcony.
Recently has been completely renovated.
2 pools on grounds. Near town- curbside bus service.
Occupancy Date- 19 and 20th weeks of the year
    (about mid May) from Saturday to Saturday.
Will rent one or both weeks= $750 per week.
For Sale- both weeks = $6000.
Contact- Priscilla Manchester, Rockland, Mass.
Home phone= 1-781-608-6067

Oliver Ames HS
Class of '52 Website
Read about the OAHS class of 1952. Read about our school, our class, our teachers, classmate personal activities, and our numerous reunions. We hope you enjoy reminiscencing about our memorable past as we do.
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Crossword Answer Lists
Android App
'Crossword Answer Lists' is an Android Cell phone App designed to help crossword puzzlers find answers to crossword clues quickly and easily using their cellphones. This app does the text searching for you and at the same time allows you to learn other information about similar clues.
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Car Parking Space Reminder
Android App
'Car Parking Space Reminder' is an Android Cell phone App that helps drivers remember where they parked their cars when using unfamiliar long-term parking areas such as parking garages, shopping malls, sporting events, and airports.
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Car Work Log
Android App
With this CarWorkLog App you can keep track of all the work done (Work Jobs) for up to 4 cars - work done for Repairs, Maintenance, and Upgrades. The Home screen contains photos of your cars and buttons to view a work job list for each car.
o Select from a Work Type menu -
      Repair, Maintenance, or Upgrade
o Select from a Car Systems menu -
      AC/Heater, Body, Brakes, Electrical, Engine, Exhaust,
      Interior, Suspension, Transmission, or Wheels/Tires
o View and search a list of work jobs for a given car.
o Help screens included.
o Built to run on Android cellphones and tablets.
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Privacy Policy for Gastonco app "Car Parking Space reminder" -
No data re parking information entered by the user is stored or shared by the Gaston Co.
No car photos selected by the user are stored or shared by the Gaston Co.

Your Host & Questions & Comments-

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Email to your host,
Gerald Gaston,
in London, KY

Or write to:
Gerald Gaston,
1795 Sinking Creek Rd., London, KY, 40741.

Phone: 606-862-4378
Pics of my 'Old Kentucky Home, and my dressed-up 2003 Dakota pickup'

My Home 2014
2003 Dakota Grille
2003 Dakota Side
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