The Gaston Company welcomes you

      to London, Kentucky.      

~~ My Personal Messages to You ~~

Judith & Angela

Hi Judy and Angela,
I hope you both are well, and that your lives are healthy, happy and fulfilling.
I hope the years have been kind to you and that you now have found in your own families the kind of happy family life that I was not able to provide.

Best of luck and best wishes to you and your families. Gerry

Zona Anita Rexford

Hi Terry,
I hope you are well and that your life is healthy, happy and fulfilling. I hope that you have found the love and happiness that we were not able to sustain.
Over the years I have reflected a lot on my past life.
And when I do I always remember the happiness and joy that you brought into my life. I thank you so very much for that.

The Ronnie Milsap song "I wouldn't have missed it for the world" tells my story.

It would be wonderful to hear how you are doing.
Best of luck and best wishes.

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